About Duncan Pierce

Duncan is the founder and principal consultant of Amarinda.

He has been helping companies including Egg and British Telecom improve their software development capability since 2001. He specializes in helping development and management teams understand and apply Agile techniques and processes.

Duncan regularly speaks at conferences in the UK, Europe and the US and was a founder of the XPDay conferences. He is a long-standing member of London’s Extreme Tuesday Club (XTC), a founding member of the Highgate Guild, a charter member of the APLN and director of the Agile Alliance’s Agile Narratives programme.

He has worked in the retail, internet and investment banking, logistics, insurance, biotech, consumer electronics, industrial R&D, local government, wired and mobile telecomms sectors. Until 2001 he was a Senior Developer at Connextra Ltd, one of the pioneers adopters of Agile techniques in Europe.

Duncan holds a BSc Computer Science from Southampton University, an MSc Computation from University of Oxford and PhD in Foundations of Software Reuse from Staffordshire University, all in the UK.

He can be reached at duncan.pierce@amarinda.com. His homepage is at duncanpierce.org.