Agile software development


Architect, Business analyst, Product owner, Programmer, Project manager, Senior manager, Team lead, Tester


3 hours


10 years ago the word “Agile” for a software development process had not been coined. 5 years ago a few early adopters were reporting successful projects. Today many organizations – some traditionally very conservative – are adopting an agile process. Why?

As the pace of change in the wider business world accelerates, the inventory of legacy systems grows and the desire to create business advantage through IT strengthens, many organizations have come under pressure to find a better way to deliver systems.

Agile offers the potential to create a software delivery vehicle that responds much faster and works more effectively with the wider business environment.


This briefing provides an essential grounding in Agile development processes. It is suitable for people in any role involved with software development, including senior managers, team leads, project managers, programmers, testers and business analysts.


The briefing combines a presentation (during which brief questions and answers will be allowed), a separate question and answer session and finishes with open discussion. Discussion often focusses on the practicalities of mapping current processes to the agile model and what changes might need to be implemented.


  • Where agile comes from
  • How the agile mindset is different
  • Common misconceptions about agile
  • Potential benefits of an agile approach
  • Comparison with traditional (waterfall-inspired) processes
  • Common features of agile processes
  • Requirements handling
  • Managing the process
  • Agile technical practices


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