A workshop is a facilitated, open discussion forum. It is usually highly structured, and provides a way for participants to work closely together to resolve problems creatively through discussion. We also often include simulation elements to explore or highlight interesting aspects of the problem or proposed solution.

The focus is not on teaching or transferring knowledge; instead, it’s on creating agreement, strategy and consensus to act. So, we act as a facilitator most of the time, although we occasionally act to sanity-check the emerging strategy.

Workshops are good for creating consensus among many people, even if they’re in different roles or parts of an organization. We sometimes use workshops in medium and large organizations to build a commitment to work together from non-cooperating and sometimes even adversarial groups.

Workshops can also be used to harness the cognitive power of many people to identify and resolve subtle and complex problems.

As an example, our Management Metrics Workshops simulate the effect of proposed metrics on different people in the organization to ensure they don’t engender dysfunctional behaviour. We do that by including a cross-section of people from the organization and asking them to consider their responses to the metrics that are being worked on.

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